5 Tips to Breathe Away End of Semester Stress

By: Alex Dinh

            College is one of the best times of a young adults’ life. With the struggles of the end of the semester being on a list of many stressful things, it’s important to take care of yourself and take a break. Below are some stress relieving tips to help wind down the semester in peace. With finals and projects slamming back to back we all need to find some happiness.

  1. Exercise, and Fitness 

A study  done by Harvard health states, exercising has been proven to help improve memory, mood, and sleep. It has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety.  The exercise you choose to do, does not need to be anything intense. It can be something as small as taking a walk. Many college campuses have fitness programs for yoga, Zumba and many more activities. For more information, go to your campuses rec center website to find out more information! 

2. Finding Ways to Escape the Campus Environment

Being in college and having money to spend can be difficult. So instead of grabbing that Starbucks every morning, set aside $5 for $5 movie Tuesdays through AMC. AMC does a great job at taking care of students by, having lots of deals on movies and concession stand snacks. You can also try looking around your college town for fun recreational activities at places that offer student discounts.

3. Self-Care Day

Take some time to pamper yourself. Get a face mask and some friends, make some buffalo chicken dip and just hangout. Put your phones in a box and connect with one another. Your friends are most likely experiencing similar stress, so talk to them and find ways to get through it together. During this time, you can exchange study tips, catch up with friends you have not seen in a bit, or just enjoy some Netflix and popcorn by yourself.

4. Utilize CampusResources

All campus student activity boards plan different activities for students, especial ly towards the end of the semester when stress levels are high. These activities have already been paid for within your tuition, so you should take advantage of them! They can offer many different programs and free meals like pizza or wing nights. If food doesn’t fancy you, they also do things like rave or glow parties, paint nights or DIY zen gardens. If you can’t make it to these events, many student centers have recreational and game rooms for you to use for free throughout the day. These recreational game rooms can include different gaming consoles, pool, ping pong and foosball tables. 

4. Take a step back and just breathe. 

Sometimes the most basic thing we forget to do is breathe. Take a step back and make a list of all the things you’ve been blessed with this semester. We get so stressed out and forget to just take a step back and think of all the good going on in our lives. We get so consumed with grades and finals that we forget about the great semester we have had with our friends and organizations. So, breathe and know that you can get through it.

End of semester stress is common in so many college students, so don’t feel like you are the only one. Use some of these five simple steps to help you reduce your stress. Remember, you’re almost done! You’ve got this!


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