Which Media Group Offers You the Best Experience?

By: Emily Light

Shippensburg University has four on-campus media groups that help students gain hands-on experience for the real world in their field. WSYC, SUTV, PRSSA, and The Slate; are all student-run media and communication organizations looking for staff like you. Reading about what these media groups offer to college students is the first step in picking the right group to join. Knowing the successes of each group can make your decision easier. 

WSYC: Radio Station

            WSYC is a student-run radio station that can be heard through a radio or an app at 88.7 FM. It provides 24/7 music, news, sports and entertainment. This gives students a chance to create their own show as a DJ and do it independently. They are given the chance to create conversations between the listeners and themselves. Members can be DJ’s, board operators, sports commentators and more. WSYC, teaches students how to insert PSA’s and liners while on-air. There are many leadership opportunities and the chance to gain experience working with radio equipment. To be a part of WSYC, reach out to its faculty advisor, Dr. Ted Carlin or visit their website.

SUTV: Shippensburg University Television 

            SUTV is an Emmy Award winning, student-run television station. Being a member of this media group could open many doors to future graduates looking to work in the TV industry. SUTV News produces live news, weather updates and sports programs every Thursday at 7 p.m. It airs on Channel 21 for Comcast users. Students are given opportunities to create original programming and learn how to film, write, and report news and live events. By covering live events such as athletic games, students can learn how to work with cameras, microphones and a switch board. Students can take on roles such as a reporter, director, producer and editor. For more information email SUTV at sutv@ship.edu to learn how you can be a part of this award-winning organization that Shippensburg has to offer. 

PRSSA: Public Relations Student Society of America 

            PRSSA is the largest public relations professional organization in the world. Shippensburg’s PRSSA chapter offers opportunities for students to network with professionals around the country, serve clients within the Shippensburg community, take on leadership roles, and become certified in the principles of public relations. PRSSA teaches its members how to use tools and programs to create content. Members are given a chance to attend national and regional conferences held across the country every year. This year, PRSSA was named Star Chapter at the International Conference held in San Diego, CA. The Shippensburg University chapter is the only PASSHE school to earn this award. At these conferences, students can to connect with professionals and people outside of their school. Making great connections now may help you later in life. Visit their website to see what PRSSA can offer you and how you can join.  

The Slate: Shippensburg University Newspaper 

            Aspiring multimedia journalists and editors can cover, edit and showcase stories in the award-winning student-run newspaper, The Slate. For decades, The Slate, has been informing the campus community. Being a member offers real work experience and a chance for your work to be published. The outlet covers news, entertainment, sports and more in its weekly newspaper and online edition. To join The Slate and have opportunities to be a leader, email slate@ship.edu and visit their website to learn more about what kind of stories their reporters write.  

            All four media groups teach students how to create, write and edit content for each emphasis in the communication and journalism field. Being a part of on-campus media groups can be resume builders to show potential employers, and can open many doors for students. Learning about the successes of each media group may make you feel more confident on which one you choose. 


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