The Top Five Tips to a Successful Interview

By: Jess Quinn 

Congratulations you made it to the interview! Making it to the interviewis a huge first step. You have displayed in your resume that you are a candidate with potential. Now, it is up to you to sell yourself through all your experience and skillsets. There are many things to remember for an interview; however, these are the top five tips that many have found to be the most beneficial for the interview process. 
1. Emphasize on hard and soft skills

As a first tip you should always bring a copy of your resume to your interview to show that you have come prepared. You should be ableto describeall the information you are displaying on your resume. Hard skills are things like writing, social media, hardware/equipment, software, design. These are very tangible. However, as you describeyour resume during an interview you should also be able to tie in soft skills. These are skills like problem-solving, reliability, attention to detail, teamwork.

 2. Research 

One question many employers ask is “why us?” They will try and figure out what you know by asking questions that give them a sense that you have done your research. Acompany wants to hire a candidate whodisplaysaninterest and knowledge of them.

 3. Always ask questions 

Whether it is at the end of the interview or in the middle it is always important to come to your interview preparedwith questions to ask. By asking questions you are showing that you genuinely care and want to be involved with the company. It is always better to ask even a simple question than not asking a question at all. 

4. Be respectful 

It is important to show respect to every individual during yourinterviewprocess. This shows a lot about your character which is something that many companies value.Many companies will use the interactions you had with others in the building to form an overall opinion on your character.

5. Be you, be professional

As many know it is important to dress and be professional to every interview you get the opportunity to have. Most companies ask for employees to be dressed in business casual. This is usually the standard for most interviewsas well. Aside from being professional, during the interview remember to highlight yourself as a person too. Many companies want a certain personality or energy that would fit bestwith their company’s culture. It is important to represent that you can beprofessional while still showing your character. 

Overall, it is important to tell your story and put your best foot forward during any interview. The most crucial step is to always be prepared and practice. There are many useful toolsand methodsto help you remember these things


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