10 Reasons PRSSA and WSYC Has Enhanced my College Career

By: Josie Dillard

Trying to decide which student groups to join on campus was difficult. At Ship, we have many options to further our academic development within the Communications/Journalism department. I decided to join PRSSA and WSYC, as they relate to both my personal and professional interests. Here are 10 erases why I joined PRSSA and WSYCFurthering my Education

1. Further my Education

When looking for student groups to join on campus, I wanted to gain real-word experience. PRSSA gives students the opportunity to work with clients and produce real content through PR tactics and relations. Deadlines are given to students so they become used to working within a strict time frame.  

2. Broaden my Professional Network

PRSSA is a stepping stone to PRSA. This allows me to make connections that will follow me after college. 

3. Opportunity to meet PR Professionals 

From our classroom to National and Regional events, PRSSA encourages constant academic development through networking techniques. One networking opportunity is the attendance of guest speakers. The guest speakers are current PR professionals who inform us on what it is like to work in the world of PR. We are able to ask questions, take business cards, and hear first-hand experiences from people who were in our exact positions only years ago.

4. Launch my Professional Career 

When we graduate, we have the option of becoming an associate member of PRSA that connects us to over a hundred chapters with professionals with the same interests. PRSSA grants you access to their website with information on internships, jobs, and other PR news and trends. 

5. Meeting New People 

Joining PRSSA allowed me to meet new people on campus who share my same interests. PRSSA members share their knowledge about internships, jobs, writing and other technical skills. We’re all students working toward the same goal.

6. Have my own Radio Show 

This was the most exciting part in joining WSYC. I was finally able to be the DJ on Monday nights. WSYC mostly plays alternative music, and I wanted to bring a new sound to the station. 

7. Learned how to use a Soundboard

The soundboard controls the audio of  what’s playing on air. To me, learning to work the soundboard was just adding another skill to my resume. In today’s job market you can never know enough, have enough skills. This was a skill I wouldn’t have learned just following the PR track. 

8. A Relaxing Activity

It was a set time I didn’t have to worry about classes or classwork. During this hour, I could play what I wanted and talk about what’s on my mind. 

9. Strengthened my Verbal Communication Skills 

I figured out ways to really get listeners attention. It’s different talking to people who can’t see you. It was a way for me to think on my feet and hold a conversation while keeping it interesting

10. Learned Time-Management Skills

I was responsible in showing up every week at the same time for my slot. There’s also a lot of behind the scenes time management needed for the show to run smoothly. I had to include the legal ID, done at the beginning of every show, it identifies our station and location The liners are done twice and are brief station identifiers or promos. Lastly I had to include a public service announcement. 

Joining WSYC and PRSSA has led to multiple opportunities and has enriched my college education. My only regret is not joining sooner. 

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