Shadowing the Secretary of State

By: Elle Krot

I had the opportunity to shadow Secretary Leslie S. Richards for the day in June of 2018. It was an amazing experience to be able to follow Secretary Richards and see what her daily job is like. One of the qualities I admired the most about Secretary Richard is her consistent determination. She attended Brown University for her undergraduate degree and University of Pennsylvania for her graduate degree. Before becoming the Secretary of the state, she was County Commissioner and worked for her township council. She was a stay-at-home mother for about 8 years, but eventually became involved within her community, wanting to make improvements to it.

Secretary Richards stresses how important women’s roles are in the work place. Our first stop was the Pennsylvania Turnpike. A program that was presented was to launch PTC’s Women’s Resource Network. This launch was aimed to provide a place at the PTC for women to have the chance to develop their professional careers. They would be presented opportunities to connect, mobilize, network, and participate in mentoring activities all while supporting work-life balance. The goal was to strive towards career development among women, the importance of work-life balance, and the growth of gender equity in the work place. Leslie introduced herself to Turnpike employees and shared her journey as a woman and how she earned her position as Secretary.  

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to shadow Secretary Leslie Richards for a day. I learned so much in the amount of time that I could spend with her. Secretary Richards is a wonderful mentor and an even better role model.

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