How Greek Life can Change your College Experience

By: Gunnarson Miller

When I first came to college, joining a fraternity wasn’t something I ever dreamed of doing. As an LGBT+ student, I didn’t think I could fit into that world. I thought it had nothing to offer me, but then I met my future brothers in Kappa Delta Phi.

Students come to college to grow academically, socially, and professionally. Sure, lectures can provide academic growth, but Greek Life can teach you the mechanics of working with people as a group better than anything else.

Brothers of Kappa Delta Phi at 2019 Spring SIS Fair

Despite only being a member of Kappa Delta Phi for a year, I’ve had to negotiate, debate, and organize numerous events on both a casual and professional level. This includes philanthropy events, recruitment events, and food drives. The sheer number of people I must work and cooperate with on a daily basis has completely redefined group work and group projects for me. Managing people is a vital skill to have most career fields and in life.

Greek Life is more diverse than ever. People of all demographics and backgrounds are involved and find their place. Meeting many different kinds of people working alongside them teaches you vital group work skills. You learn how to work with people who plan meticulously and people who improv their way through a project. Nothing will refine your people and organizational skills like going Greek will.

The most remarkable thing about college is that people never leave as the same person they arrived as. Joining an academic or social fraternity or sorority will change you more radically than anything else. All for the better, too.

Some lessons are best learned outside of the lecture hall.

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