The “Glamorous” Life of an Events Intern

By Emily Sterner

My name is Emily Sterner and I am a senior at Shippensburg University. My major is Communication/Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations. I am the Education Events Intern at OPEN MINDS. The title may sound glamorous but it is still just a job. There are things that I love about my job, but also some things that I dislike. Here is a little overview of my workplace and what my job consists of. 

About Open Minds

The front of the Open Minds building

I have been an intern for OPEN MINDS for over two years now. Open Minds is the premier market intelligence and management support firm specializing in the sectors of the health and human service field serving individuals with complex needs. We are located in the square of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

About Our Events

We have five events across the United States every year, and I help with the planning and promotion of all of them. We have events in California, Florida and New Orleans. We also have an event in Gettysburg and one in Philadelphia. We recently discussed having an event next year in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Our events are designed for C-level employees, which consists of Executives, Chief Executives, Chief Operating Officers, and the President of companies. Our events are called “Institutes” and are development programs that help build executives skills.

My Average Day as an Intern

It sure does sound glamorous, but as an intern, it’s not that impressive. I am obviously gaining very relevant experience, but I do not get to travel and participate in all of these events. 

My average week consists of writing press releases, creating Eblasts, editing documents, and other random tasks my advisors assign to me. Everything I do is to promote our next event or help with the planning of the event. My favorite thing to do is create Eblasts, which are promotional emails that are sent out a lot of people. We use Mail Chimp, which is a website that helps create these Eblasts. It is very easy! I enjoy making the emails look nice and correspond to our events’ brand. Each event has a different logo and color scheme that I work with.

I did get to attend one of our Institutes in Gettysburg, PA. My tasks were to check in all the attendees and give them their name badge and tote bags. I then had to attend a few sessions and be the room monitor. All the room monitor’s job is make sure presentations are setup and hold up minute cards for the speakers.

Overall, my internship is pretty great. My advisors are young and fun. They are laid back and they work with my changing school schedule. I have already talked to my advisors about a full time position after I graduate. They said it is very likely that I will be offered one!

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