How to Know if you Chose the Right Degree

By: Gabriela Blackburn

For many, figuring out what degree you’d like to focus on in college is quite challenging. Personally, I went through a few changes until I finally discovered what subjects I enjoyed. I decided to major in Marketing and minor in Communication/Journalism.  You may be asking yourself, why I choose this combination of courses? Truthfully, I loved the idea of being able collaborate and communicate with others. The best way to do those two things effectively would be to hone in on certain skills, such as, writing and speaking. 

Throughout my four-year tenure at Shippensburg University, I have taken a few courses that really opened my eyes to future job possibilities. Those classes were Buyer Behavior and Electronic Media Basic Productions. These classes really complimented each other in the fact that both classes main goals were to persuade the customers/readers. I can do such things by creating eye catching slogans for products or eccentric headlines for a media post. The most important skills I gained from these classes was how to properly communicate with others. So, I began getting interested in all the possibilities the combination of marketing and communications had to offer.  

Old Main at Shippensburg

At the beginning of my senior year, I discovered the PRSSA club at Shippensburg University. After seeing a few flyers around campus, I decided to do some research on what the club truly was. I came to find out that PRSSA entailed almost all my professional interests. I can focus in on new skills in media, editing and in personal engagements. These new skills will really set me apart from other applicants when I am applying for full-time jobs post-graduation.  

When I first came to Shippensburg University, I didn’t know about all the opportunities the school offered students through clubs. Even though I am not a Public Relations major, I have already gained some very important knowledge that will help me in the future. I know I chose the right major/minor because I am passionate about the new information I am learning and excited for future opportunities.

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