5 Ways PRSSA Has Helped me in my Professional Career

By Gabriela Blackburn

I decided to join PRSSA during my senior year of college. This delayed decision to join the club was brought on by the fact I only became a Communication/ Journalism minor my junior year. One of the main goals I wanted to accomplish when joining PRSSA was to gain professional skills needed in the real world. I am now two months away from graduation and can honestly say I have gained some valuable skills and experiences that will definitely help me in the future. Here are five reason why being a member of PRSSA has helped me throughout my college career:

1. Internship Opportunities

Every semester, members are constantly given information about internship opportunities within around Pennsylvania. Attaining an internship in college and building up your resume is very important within your professional career. You will gain experiences and skills that will set you apart from others.

2. Frequent Presentations from Working Professionals

Throughout the year, there are many different types of presentations given during PRSSA meetings. Communications professors join the meeting to teach us different PR skills such as, editing, Photoshop, and digital media. There are also a few working professionals in the PR field that visit and present more information and opportunities within their companies.

3. Networking

There are many different guest speakers that visit PRSSA meetings weekly. Whether it’s a professor or someone working in the public relations field, all are resources for members. Each speaker shares their contact information and all members have the opportunity to reach out to them for any assistance.

4. PR Experience

Each semester, the members of PRSSA are assigned to certain clients on campus. Some clients include , SGA, CJ Day and the  Shippensburg Equestrian team. The goal of students working with a client is to gain some real world public relations experience. Members are given the opportunity to create flyers, brochures and social media posts to promote their clients.

5. Showed me Opportunities I Never Knew Existed

When I joined PRSSA, my main goal was to just get something on my resume for future jobs. Throughout my time in PRSSA, I have discovered a few companies I would be interested in working for. I discovered these companies through PRSSA. I also learned so much more about how public relations works.  As of right now, I do not know what is in store for my future career, but I do know that being a part of PRSSA has opened my mind to many different career paths.

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